Oil and Gas safety compliance check app

Keep production safe & efficient, your business compliant, plus automatic, digital, inspection ready reports all powered by the Dunatis app

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Safe operations in the oil and gas industry

Create custom or use pre-existing template checklists to be completed manually or by using our NFC tag technology – this enables tasks to be completed with the tap of a phone.

Improve accident hazard management, save lives and reduce operational costs.  

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Scheduled checks

Be sure that everything is being recorded in real time (not just being filled in at the end of a shift).

Health and safety checks, automatic monitoring checks and any maintenance checks which are required can be easily captured and managers can be notified if something is missed or reported as a concern.

Oil And Gas Production Compliance Check App
Oil And Gas Production Compliance Dunatis Check App

Designed for Oil and Gas Production

Dunatis runs on any Android/iOS device and to make things extra safe in the production factory environment the devices can be protected in waterproof cases that allow it to still work with our NFC tags.

The NFC tags we use are waterproof (IP68) and also work on metal surfaces.

Inspection ready reports

Dunatis provides beautiful drill-down reporting which is designed for food safety inspectors to easily access whatever information they need.

Keeping you prepared for any compliance checks and audits. No paper. No fuss. Reports can be accessed offsite, at anytime, without you lifting a finger.

Oil And Gas Production Dunatis Compliance Check App

Example Uses
for Oil and Gas Production Safety

By now you probably understand how Dunatis can save you time, money and headaches. Here’s a quick recap of how some other Oil & Gas companies are using Dunatis to help improve accident hazard management, save lives and reduce operational costs. 

  • Digitally recording checks during shifts
  • Digitally recording maintenance & hazard checks
  • Automatically generated digital inspection ready reports
  • Anything else you need to remind staff to do and record

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Dunatis Key Features


Complete checklists manually or tap an NFC tag to automatically record the information


Management system for tasks, notifications, confirmation emails, users and more


Reminders and email notifications ensures nothing is missed and peace of mind


Recurring frequencies can be set at a list or item level for complete control


Enable custom fields to capture any additional information required for checklist items


Doesn't work exactly how you need? Get a customised version specific to your needs.


Beautiful drill-down reporting. Filter, free search and default report templates


Completion notifications allow managers high level overviews

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