This section of the admin system is the main one and has a complex array of different options that you need to know about before creating a new inspection. Every inspection list can combine different items assigned to the specific area and every inspection can be assigned to different users and scheduled for certain times.

Please make sure that the order of your inspection items corresponds to the path of the inspection. A well planned and logical inspection list will help to improve the speed of inspection and allow your business to grow. 



The section ‘Area’ of the admin system allows you to see the list of all created areas.  These can be filtered or searched by name. You can edit, filter, delete or view each area. 

If you want to create a new area you need to click the ‘Create Area’ button.

When you click the ‘Create Area’ button, you give a name to the area and click either the ‘Create & Add another’ or ‘Create area’ button. The area is then saved and ready to assign. If you want to edit the created area, you need to locate the area in the list, click the icon (…) on the right hand side, and update the name of the area.

Item types

In this section of the app you will find a list of available Item Types. We have different Item types in the system including:

  • Checkbox – use this type for simple items where you simply require a checkbox to be ‘ticked’.
  • Text – is used for items where additional information about the item, for example temperature of the fridge, needs to be recorded.
  • NFC – you can add an NFC tag to the physical item which will then be scanned during an inspection. This way of inspecting an item gives you solid proof that the item was inspected and checked. 

Inspection Items

The section ‘Inspection Items’ allows you to see a list of all created inspection items. You can create new inspection items, and filter/edit/delete them from here. 

Create New Item

To create a new inspection item you need to:

  • Click on the ‘Create Inspection Item’ button. 
  • Fill in all the necessary information such as name, description, inspection and type. 
  • Select the inspection list where you want to locate the item.
  • Select the type of check you want it to be.
  • Click Create

Edit item

If you want to edit an item you need to select an item and click the edit icon. Once you change the necessary data you need to click the ‘Update Inspection Item’ button to save changes.


The inspections part of the app allows you to see the full list of created inspections where you can search for an inspection and view/edit/ remove it. 

Create new inspection 

If you want to create a new inspection you need to:

  • Press the ‘Create New Inspection’ button above the list of inspections 
  • Inside the new inspection you will be able to give a name to the inspection, choose the property the inspection is for, select a category, select and area and add items. 
  • If the inspection has time limits for completion you will be able to show a timer during the inspection so employees will see how much time they spend on the inspection.   
  • You can enable notes for the inspection if needed. 
  • You will be able to add inspection items directly to the inspection. Here you will need to fill in the name and description and assign the type of inspection for the item. 

Inspection Schedule

You can schedule inspections based on different requirements. You will be able to schedule a created inspection to take place daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. You can set a start time, number of repetitions per day/week/ month as well as use advanced scheduling options to adjust the amount of repetitions of each inspection list.

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