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How to password protect your NFC tag

You have different types of NFC tags and some of them support password protection, If you want to make sure that no one else is rewriting your NFC tag you can follow the instructions below. 

1. Please open the NFC Tools app

2. Choose Other and then Set the password.

IMG B49EF4D5C053 1      IMG 7C1A6EF47602 1


3. Please type the password (In the example I used “Test” but we advise you to use more complex passwords for your own protection) and click the Set button, then you will be prompted to scan the tag to Write the password on it. 

IMG 0043 IMG 0042                   


4. Once the password is set you will no longer be able to rewrite the tag without entering the password. If someone will try to write the tag without a password they will get an error message. 

IMG 0044

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