Sign In 

In order to use the app and see your inspections you will need to sign in with your credentials. If you forget your password please follow the password recovery instructions on the screen. In case of an error please report the issue to your property manager. 

List of Inspections 

Inside the app you will be able to see the list of available inspections. You can see scheduled inspections and completed ones.


Inspections have 4 different statuses:

To do – these are inspections that are scheduled or due for that specific day. 


In progress – the inspection has started and is currently in progress. 


Completed – the inspection is now complete and has been submitted.


Issue – the inspection has been done and an issue has been encountered and will now be reported as an issue to the property manager.



When you start an inspection you will be able to see the full list of inspection items. You can create inspections with a timer- this means this inspection is time-sensitive and must be done within a certain time advised/set by management.  

Item types

Different items can have different types and this will require an inspector to do the following:

For NFC item types- the inspector will physically scan the NFC tag with the device. This will register the item as inspected and the colour of the item will turn green.



For Text item types- the inspector will need to fill in the required text or number for the inspection to be marked as completed.



For Checkmark item types- the inspector just needs to tap on the item to register that this item has been checked.



Submit an inspection 

Once all the items on the list have been inspected there will be a button at the bottom of the inspection called ‘Submit Inspection’. Once clicked, that button will provide an option to add a comment about the inspection, if required, and then submit the inspection as complete. 

Inspection Completed

Report an issue 

During an inspection different issues may arise. These issues include things such as: an NFC tag is missing, the item is critically damaged, there is a leak, etc. Basically anything that prevents the inspector from completing the inspection. In order to report this issue they will have to:

  • Scroll down to the inspection list and click the ‘Report An Issue’ button
  • Add a detailed comment describing the issue.
  • Once done they need to click ‘Report an Issue’ again. 

Report An Issue


The current inspection status will show as having an issue and information about the issue will be sent to the property manager for resolution. 


This part of the app contains the main information of the user, the option to sign out and all property data. 

The property data shows the property that is assigned to the user which can be called in case of an emergency. 

Sign out 

This is the shortcut for signing out of the system. This comes in handy if the same device is shared between different employees. You can of course also sign out on the Information tab.


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